The Falzone-Buzukhov Circus has known great tragedy, from their near destruction after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake when their circus was burnt to the ground, to their more recent demise in Las Vegas when their circus was shuttered at the hands of foreign bankers, a move that Alphonse Falzone-Buzukhov traces back to enmity resulting from a gambling debt his great grandfather incurred (and disputed) while visiting Berlin in 1934. As a result, they are no strangers to fire, or the desert. They in fact traveled the desert for many years before they built their last Vegas mansion – both the Russian and Italian sides of the family having a profound relationship with the Mojave desert.

Now under the leadership of the latest generation, Daveed Falzone has decided to attempt to resurrect the family fortune by bringing the Falzone Family Circus to Burning Man.

The family has a few highly valued possessions which will travel with them to Black Rock City - including the only surviving artifact from San Francisco, a wagon door (pictured), and the original glass armonica which was given to Pierre Kirillovich-Buzukhov by inventor Benjamin Franklin’s great grandson, and has been in the family since they lived in the former family mansion in St Petersburg.

Daveed (aka The Buzzy One) is planning to present four performances of a new show entitled “Untitled IV” which will be performed at 10pm or thereabouts from Tuesday August 28th to 31st. Venue: Falzone Glitterloft; A and 3:30

Any enquires should be sent to alfonso@falzonebuzukhov.com - he has not appeared sober during waking hours since 2014, so please do not expect a prompt nor polite reply.

For more information please refer to falzonebuzukhov.ru which may have been updated. Or hacked.


Little Bit “Bitsy” Falzone